Seeking people who want to know more about Owning their own business

May 25, 2018

Minister Diane Mosby

I believe one of the next great moves of God is going to be through believers in the workplace. Dr. Billy

We want to help you understand your work and vocation as a calling and a ministry that pleases God.
Help you excel in performance and be a witness to God by acknowledging your work as service to God.
Help you be an ambassador for Christ in the workplace.
WE are Seeking business owners who want to be empowered as a Christian professional and wanting your business to be a Kingdom Business

Our mission is to train, equip and empower Christian professionals and businessmen and business women for marketplace transformation by modeling Jesus Christ.

Help you understand your business as a calling and ministry.
Help you understand that your business as human activity reflects divine origin.
Help you redefine your view of business with an eternal perspective.
Equip you to succeed in business, also to share Christ’s love with your colleagues, customers and employees.